CSU Chico: Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

The “UCourses: Learning by Design” project is an  interdisciplinary course project aimed at improving student engagement and wellbeing in  the first year of college.  The project includes three parts: a Design  Intensive experience for faculty who redesign standalone first year courses  into integrated, project-based courses; a mentored course experience for  students who enroll in UCourses to complete firstyear requirements; an  assessment cycle that examines survey data, repeatable grades, and students’  course embedded reflective writing.  The proposers hoped to see indicators  of wellbeing using Keyes’ Flourishing Languishing Scale, an adapted  Psychological Sense of Community Scale building on the work of Boyd and  Newell, and analysis of students’ term end reflective writing assignment in  multiple UCourses.  This project responded to our (since departed)  Provost’s call for strengthened “personal and social responsibility” outcomes  in General Education and to ongoing work by the First Year Experience  program to enhance the first year curriculum in line with several of our  campus’s Strategic Priorities, including the creation of “high-quality learning  environments,” “[investment] in faculty . . . development,” and “the wise use  of new technologies.”  This project responds as well to our President’s call for  a campus focused on the development of civic engagement in our students.

Primary Investigators: William Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Education: wloker@csuchico.edu, and Thia Wolf, Director of First-Year Experience Program: cwolf@csuchico.edu

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