Community Engagement for Diversity and Inclusion Excellence (CEDIE)

Category 3: Demonstration Site Grant

"The major component of the CEDIE program, the Community Engagement Advocates (CEA), is a trained a group of students who work with professors, students and community members on cultural sensitivity and inclusive language. Through CEA led activities the Tulane community will become more aware of the politics of power, the root historical causes for social issues, and the best practices for determining community needs in an unbiased manner. Our basic premise is that phobias and _isms_, are socially conditioned and constructed and can be unlearned and deconstructed. The constant struggle to shift public service from paternalistic help to reciprocal engagement, demands that we recognize and challenge inappropriate discriminatory language. The work of the Community Engagement Advocates and faculty members will create a more inclusive campus community, one that is better prepared for wider engagement."