Center for the Advancement of Public Action

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"The past several years have marked extraordinary growth at Bennington College as we have worked to reinvigorate the enduring values of liberal education and regain a vital place for public life. This comprehensive initiative has involved creating a new curriculum and new frameworks for faculty and practitioners_all of which is intended to deeply connect the world within the academy to the world outside. Last fall, we enjoyed a crest moment when we officially opened the doors of the new Center for the Advancement of Public Action facility, which gives arresting physical form to the ideas behind CAPA and provides an optimal setting in which to develop and expand programming with the substance, intensity, and clarity to match it. The grant we sought from BTtoP was intended to enable the College to plan, model, and assess the next phase of the initiative_s development, with special emphasis on the ongoing work of a planning group comprised of faculty and administrators, and the development of a new year-long course to immerse students in the urgent challenges framing the CAPA curriculum and the capacities required to effectively address them. Our work over the past year has focused on these activities while continuing to expand and build upon them."