California State University Fresno: The Hope Intervention

Category 2: Program Development Grant

Category 2: Well-Being Research Grant

Underserved students often lack different resources to the point where it can be traumatic. Our project is theoretically rooted in the theory of conservation of resources (COR) (Hobfoll, 2001). Our goal is to leverage the University community to kick start the dynamics of a positive gain spiral of resource development that ultimately leads to flourishing. We leverage hope (Snyder, 2000), since it is related to both well-being and academic success in college. First, this project strives to become aware of the hope building that is happening already in order to be able to reinforce it. Second, to boost hope we implement two psychological interventions, one that targets hope and the other that targets the sense of belonging. Interventions will be customized versions of proven interventions for hope and mindset. They will be delivered online through the university’s established tablet technology program, take place at a strategic time, and be of minimal duration (e.g. 1h).