Building Community Engagement at Albany State University

Category 1: Seminar Grant

"This year Albany State University begins to implement a new five-year strategic plan for 2013-2017. In order to realize the visions and goals of the plan, the university has established four _Centers of Excellence._ Goal three of our strategic plan is _leadership in community and global partnerships and service._ Toward that end, Albany State University has established a Center of Excellence for Community Engagement (CECE) whose mission is, in part, to facilitate community-based learning, scholarship, research and outreach.

The purpose of this seminar will be to facilitate dialogue and agreement among the various colleges and departments about the specific terms of our stated goal and to explore specific ways in which we may foster _leadership in community and global partnerships and service._ Especially inspired by BTtoP publications, we will want to discuss how curriculum and service can be integrated to create true engagement between our institution and its surrounding community."