Bridge/Action at Scripps College: A Transnational and Antiracist Feminist Alliance and the Department of Feminist, Gender and Sexualities Studies (FGSS)

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"Bridge/Action at Scripps College seeks to further civic engagement through a plural, critical and inclusive feminist lens that they acquire through two Scripps courses: Gender Justice in Transnational Contexts, and Intro to Feminist, Gender, and Sexualities. The student leadership that came out of courses from the 2012 academic year developed a framework for the project whereby a campus organization was formed. Beginning in fall 2013, students from each course who are interested in being part of the project will participate by seeking out and developing potential partnerships with local activist and advocacy groups. This type of alliance building will incorporate the curricular with civic engagement for the purposes of furthering a partner organization's cause. Outcomes include the creation of a Bridge/Action "Zine," student senior theses, dissemination of research, and campus-wide workshops related to the social transformation of both the students and the organizations."