Boston University Health Science Program Developing Global Citizens through Civic Engagement in Public Health: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"Our proposal would implement a new focus on civic engagement in our program's global health courses, with equal attention dedicated to the existing Minor in Public Health open to all BU students. We are seeking to strengthen the civic engagement and learning opportunities, specifically within two courses offered in both the PH Minor and HS Major. We strongly believe this enhancement will enrich the current students_ experiences, attract students from other majors, and support faculty in the development of engaged learning. We propose for program faculty to collaborate on the redesign of the two existing courses, to enhance and deepen current civic engagement and service learning aspects within these courses, advance technological components of the redesigned courses. Supporting activities will include interdisciplinary focus groups and a seminar on civic engagement and community health and wellness, and community-based projects centered on civic engagement."