Bard College: Strengthening Diversity in STEM Graduates by Promoting, Mentoring, and Facilitating Non-Cognitive Elements of Well-Being

Category 2: Program Development Grant

Category 2: Well-Being Research Grant

Bard College proposes a model of promoting diversity in STEM graduates that focuses on co-curricular support networks focused on the development of the non-cognitive skills essential to success in college generally and in STEM fields in particular. By taking advantage of Bard’s innovative curriculum, small faculty-student ratio, and individualized tutorial and advisory support systems, we will develop a model for peer and professional mentoring that positively impacts the persistence of underrepresented students in STEM at Bard College and that will positively affect their well-being and quality of life. We anticipate that these interventions will increase student performance and satisfaction, improve retention, and enhance the general well-being of students. This project will thus serve as a template for addressing the national crisis in STEM education and also serve as one element in the College’s efforts to include student well-being as a core purpose of higher education.