Awarded Grants

Interested in applying for a grant from BTtoP? Find more information on the Funding Opportunities and Grant Applicant FAQs pages.

Links to all previously awarded and currently active grant-funded activities are below. 

Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) has offered seven different types of funding to support projects on college and university campuses that explore higher education's greater purposes (engaged learning, civic engagement and civic development, student well-being, and preparation for a meaningful life). Since BTtoP's founding in 2003, we have contributed towards over 500 projects at more than 300 institutions in the United States and beyond. Participating institutions are the strength of BTtoP – promoting its mission and goals throughout supported campuses by extending their efforts into their communities and and helping to seed a change in the narrative around higher education from one that views a college education primarily as a pathway to a better job to one that views higher education as a pathway to a better life. BTtoP's hope is that the collective expression of this narrative by many campuses, across many voices and perspectives, will guide a new understanding of the greater purposes of higher education. Learn more about our awarded grants by clicking on each category below.

Amplifying, Disseminating, and Increasing the Public Reach of Research and Practice Supported by BTtoP Grants (up to $3K)

Seminar, Mini, and Student Grants ($1k ea or up to $3k for consortia)

Multi-Institutional Innovation Grants (up to $7k)

Campus Dialogue Grants ($5k ea or up to $15k for consortia)

Program Development, Program Start-up, and Program & Research Initiative Grants ($10k)

Leadership Coalition ($10k)

Psychosocial Well-being Initiative Grants ($10k)

Demonstration Site Grants ($90k for two year projects)

Intensive Site Grants ($250k for three year projects)