S. Engelhard Center

Founded in 2008, The S. Engelhard Center is a non-profit public charitable foundation. Its mission is to support projects and initiatives that affect greater and sustained commitments by educational institutions at all levels to provide effective means of addressing the intellectual, emotional, and civic development of today’s students in preparation for claiming their positive future. The Center is supported by the generosity of the Charles Engelhard Foundation.

The Endeavor Foundation

Founded in 1952 by Christian A. Johnson, the Endeavor Foundation is dedicated to efforts that foster independent thought, ethical understanding, deep appreciation of the arts and reverence for the natural world. The Endeavor Foundation pursues this objective primarily by supporting and catalyzing excellence in liberal arts education and related fields, and has supported the curricular and pedagogical development of a significant number of liberal arts colleges in the United States. The Foundation has also made major contributions to the arts, to projects that assist independent states in the formerly Soviet-dominated region of Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia and Ukraine, to Native American projects and to efforts that promote environmental awareness. Endeavor was instrumental in the creation of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, and ECLA European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin, Germany.